Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weekend Projects

Another hectic and productive week. Though I battled a persistent cold this week I managed to have lots of adventures and make some new work. I am definitely a branch from the workaholic side of the Cherry Family Tree. We don't really understand the idea of "resting" or "relaxing." This is definitely one of the reasons I knit - to keep my hands working at all times.

In my efforts to create new imagery for my screenprints I visited the RISD Nature Lab. The lab was founded in 1937 and has an amazing collection of dried plants, bones, shells, and yes, taxonomied animals. I was a little nervous when I picked up a dried out turtle and it was really unpleasant opening the case full of dried crabs and seahorses. Think of a package of dried cuttlefish - overwhelmingly salty! So I found myself sticking to pieces of dried fruit and seed pods and other flora.

I also used my weekend to test a needle case design for double pointed sets. These little guys get lost all the time and I wanted a small case that can wrangle them in style. I love the look of the prototype but it needs a top flap to keep the needles from slipping out when the case is closed up. I had a near disaster in the car the first day! So it's back to the drawing board.

I also want to point out the adorable fruit patterned fabric I used for the pocket. I love the springtime colors. Speaking of spring, why is it still 40 degrees out!?! Happy knitting & living to you all!

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