Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Ride

I've been shifting my priorities a lot in the last year and as a result have not been making bags or aprons or doing very much sewing at all. EmmalineDesigns as a business has been on hiatus for quite sometime. I am getting more and more clear about how I want to spend my time so that I'm enjoying every moment. If you look up at the heading for this blog you'll see one of my mantras, "Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing." This not only reminds me to enjoy life, it also guides me in deciding what I'll be doing on any given day.

In the last few months I've really taken up my passion for cycling. It is hard to help loving this sport since my father, an avid rider, has immersed me in the culture. Dad raised me to appreciate the honesty and hard work of cycling. It can often be a meditative and individual activity. We Cherry bikers are endurance riders, choosing to set a moderate pace and keep it up for hours on end. And we believe in wearing wool at all times and temperatures since it's the original cycling fabric. I was decked out in a purple turtleneck and, of course, Blue Bear merino tights

Yesterday, in homage to my father, I went on the first epic ride of my adult life, 26 miles round trip from Providence to Warren, a quaint seaside town along Narragansett Bay. I rode on the East Bay Bike Path, which largely follows old train tracks that stay close to the shore line. Suffice to say the road was flat and the scenery was mesmerizing.

I started late in the afternoon, about 3:30, so on the way I home I was racing against the sun. That's another thing about Dad and I, we like to push the limits a little, it makes us feel alive. I battled a chilly headwind back into town, with Providence's skyline beckoning me home and the red sun sinking behind the hills across the bay.

Emmaline Designs as a blog may be morphing into a commentary about how I am designing my life. Because that's really the greatest and most significant project of all. I thank you for sharing this journey with me and I hope you're as lit up by the adventure of life as I am.

Namaste & Happy Designing

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