Friday, January 22, 2010

Going Local

I made a huge decision in September to live life without a car. One of the scariest prospects I faced was finding a way to shop for groceries. In the fall I found it relatively easy to ride my bike to Whole Foods across town, but as the winter chill and snowstorms set in I found myself wanting to stick closer to home. This caused me to really explore the local options near my house and what I found is a charming and comprehensive set of resources!

Around the corner from my house and four blocks down is a kosher deli where I can buy sour cream, hummus, crackers, and even lox. They also carry kosher beef, chicken, and deli meats which are all delicious and fresh. A little closer to the house is a Russian market where I get kielbasa sausage and salami for soups and sandwiches. When I’m feeling naughty I buy European Kinder chocolate there, too. And around the corner is Seven Stars Bakery, my home away from home. I lived near their Broadway location when I first moved to Providence and I’m pretty sure that I’ll always make my real estate decision based on the proximity to their bakery! I’ve developed a new breakfast routine of eating their raisin bread with almond butter and life has looked sunnier since. I also make sure to visit the Farmers Market every weekend where I can get all my produce for the week as well as eggs, cheese, and even corn tortillas.

My way of life has become totally gratifying. There is an old-world simplicity to walking to work and supporting the local farmers and business owners. It’s a huge savings environmentally and financially not being responsible for an oil-fed combustion engine (a.k.a. Car). I think that these small-town alternatives to large-scale commerce and important and I encourage everyone to spend at least some of their grocery budget in their own neighborhoods. I know you’ll be surprised by how good it feels!

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Anonymous said...

I totally recognize that cookie jar! Can't believe you still have that thing. Such a great article, Leah.