Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zen Life

I have been very busy since I returned to work at the book bindery on Monday. I love being back but it certainly makes for less time to create here at my home studio. I am also a bit less productive because I've resolved for 2009 to be a year of deepening my spiritual practices. I am trying to avoid being overly busy and instead, make time for inward reflection. I hope this helps everything I do for myself and emmaline designs be imparted with calm and happiness.

Last night I went to the Providence Zen Center for the second time. The first time I took a tour, listened to a description of their technique and philosophy and then sat in silent meditation for 10 minutes. Over the holiday I practiced a little more, 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, but not in any consistent way. Last night I went back for a full sitting in the main hall for one hour! The session is divided into three parts - 25 minutes sitting, 10 minutes walking, and then a final 25 minutes sitting. I have to confess, I felt really unsuccessful! I could mostly sit still, no fidgeting or moving around, but my mind is like a totally untrained puppy, getting its curious nose into absolutely everything it comes across. I just think and think and plan and wonder and imagine and then do some more planning and thinking. And was it worth it? Absolutely. I thought I would be great at meditation because of my background in yoga, but without the distraction of the physical poses for my mind to concentrate on I have to work much harder to keep my mind quiet and in the present.

On the design front, I love the language of my yoga practice so much that I find myself constantly drawing things with blooming flowers and words that remind me to stay calm and centered. Namaste is one of those wonderful words. This gorgeous green bag is printed with two plumeria flowers, fragrant and beautiful blossoms that remind me of Hawaii. I probably won't be making this one again because the actual bag is not totally original (it's a modified pattern from a very well-known designer). However, I hope to be showing some newly finished bags over the weekend!

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