Sunday, November 30, 2008

We Like Tea

This is a little off the topic of design, but then again, I seem to survive primarily on caffeine. And my favorite purveyor of all things caffeinated is the Seven Stars Bakery in Providence. Conveniently there is a location one block from my house and another location a 2 minute drive from the book bindery! So it's possible for me to go there two or three times a day.

My love is contagious and I've infected my co-workers! The following photo series depicts a typical trip to the bakery. Jeff has been lovely enough to let me photograph him (and Nate's back, by the way) through the entire tea-procuring process. I think it's English Breakfast...

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Dara, daughter said...

I, too am a tea lover. I found your post while searching for my blog
of the same Don't ask why I didn't use the bookmark.