Friday, November 7, 2008

Providence Debut

Emmaline Designs is an idea that has been hatching for years now. A California native, I have spent the last three years gathering experiences across the globe, from Ukraine, Vietnam, Hawaii, and Phoenix and now I am settling into Providence, Rhode Island.

As a student of Political Science and French at UC Berkeley I could never help myself from knitting, sewing, photography, cooking, gardening, and teaching. While I was managing a wonderful restaurant on the Big Island of Hawaii, I decided that I needed to pursue my interests in art and design full-time.

I moved to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University to study graphic design as well as sculpture, textiles, and letterpress. Inspired by my RISD alumni mentors, I took a huge risk and packed up all my belongings and sent them out to Providence so I could immerse myself in its culture of art-making and risk-taking. Though some of the furniture was mysteriously lost on the way, I arrived in one piece.

As luck would have it I found an amazing job making books the first week here. I joined a printmaking collective and learned how to screenprint on fabric which led to my current project: handmade tote bags. Lots of people make bags, they're everywhere! So why am I jumping into these crowded waters? Because I use bags everyday, of different sizes and shapes for different reasons. In our busy modern lives we are constantly on the go, we need to carry things around with us! I design my bags with style, durability, and practicality. The extra step I take is printing the fabric with words and images that are based on my favorite philosophies and inspirations. Who can't benefit from a little optimistic encouragement?

I'm excited to make emmaline designs a fun and inspiring design firm that offers more and more great products and ideas to my friends and customers.

Thanks for stopping by and let's chat again soon!

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